“Brukdown” 50% Cacao Dark Milk Chocolate Bar




Product Description

A traditional milk chocolate with added roasted almonds to compliment the flavor!

Our “Brukdown” is a 50% milk chocolate with roasted almonds. Creamy, milky, hints of caramelized sugar and toasted almonds is an all- time favorite that resonates with “a party in your mouth”.

In this context, “Brukdown”, is a dance favored and enjoyed by Belizeans! The thrill, the buzz, the excitement, the appreciation, the flavors and the satisfaction created by our 50% milk chocolate is on par with the results of the Brukdown dance!

A chocolate made by locals for the locals!


  • Weight: 0.05 kg
  • Bars Per Box: 24
  • Price Per Bar: $4 BZD
  • Bar Size: 52g

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