44% Cacao Milk Chocolate Bar

Mahogany Chocolate



Product Description

Mahogany Chocolate offers a line of unique and exceptionally high-quality 100% Belizean chocolate products.  The flavor is a true representation of the traditional and authentic heritage of the local Maya Cacao that has been cultivated in the Belize region for thousands of years.

  • A smooth and balanced taste for every chocolate lover
  • Contains 1 box of 14 – 80 gram Belizean chocolate Bars
  • Perfect for yourself or gift-giving. 


AUTHENTIC FLAVOR – Mahogany Chocolate Chocolate Bars are made in Southern Belize using 100% Belizean Cacao and ingredients.  We are fully vertically integrated from seed-to-bean-to-bar. We grow, cultivate, harvest, ferment, dry, hand sort and process all of our own cacao right here in Belize and turn it into the finest chocolate you will ever taste. 

SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY – Mahogany Chocolate and our sister company Peini Cacao support over 150 local cacao growers. Our social sustainability program bridges the gap for subsistence farmers enabling them to provide for their families now and to expand their cacao farms for a brighter future. Every purchase from Mahogany Chocolate supports Maya cacao growers in Southern Belize.

HISTORIC CACAO – For thousands of years the Mayans in the Belize region have produced world-class noble cacao. Belize is the birthplace of the noble cacao varieties Criollo and Trinitario.  Today, Belize has some of the best cacao in the world and you can taste the difference in our chocolate.


  • Weight: 0.08 kg
  • Price Per Bar: $12.50 BZD
  • Bar Size: 80g
  • Bars Per Box: 14

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