100% Belizean Cacao Nibs

Mahogany Chocolate



Product Description

True food of the Gods! Our 100% Belizean cacao nibs’ floral aroma and fruity flavor makes smooth, tasty chocolate like no other beans our team has come across!

Our Mahogany Chocolate Cacao Nibs first start with our hand-selected 100% Belizean premium Trinitario cacao beans.  Our premium cacao beans come from Peini Cacao, our sister company, where they are sustainably produced and centrally processed right here in Southern Belize.

From these hand selected, roasted and winnowed cacao beans we produce our Mahogany Chocolate Cacao Nibs.

Our nibs can be used as snacks (trail mixes), sprinkled over cereal, oatmeal or yogurt for that powerful daily boost or simply processed in finished products, just to name a few uses.


  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Count Per Box: 7 1Kg packs

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