Cacao Farm Field Trip

Group or Private Tours

Exotic, Fun, Informative & Complete

The team here at Peini Cacao invites you to join us for a fun and educational weekend in Belize.

Come and visit our 4 cacao plantations, 50,000 sapling nursery, our 80 metric tonne annual capacity fermentation and drying depot, newly built chocolate making factory and our artisanal chocolate shop to learn the “Secret Sauce” behind how we practice our own unique “Art of
Cacao Science”.

If you have been following our progress and want to see if owning a parcel in your very own fine flavor organic cacao farm is right for you, this is your chance to do your own “boots on the ground” due diligence.

All in all, it will be a very fulfilling and worthwhile way to spend a fun and educational weekend (or longer) in the tropics!

It is your chance to come and visit, get to know us and our team, enjoy the delights of Belize and profit from the education you will receive about the world’s favorite food… Chocolate!

If you want to reserve some of the remaining spaces (the tour is limited to 12 adults to maximize your experience) on the next group cacao farm tour please enter your information at the bottom of this page.

An amazing and truly unique real estate discovery adventure

What’s in store for you?

Your amazing and truly unique real estate discovery adventure begins when you arrive in Belize international Airport (Philip S. W. Goldson International) BZE on Friday afternoon.

You will be meeting your fellow intrepid travelers and connecting straight to Punta Gorda, our base of operations in Southern Belize, with the domestic flight operated by Tropic Air.

Together with your new-found friends we will board a 14-seater Cessna 208 regional aircraft and fly out over the beautiful turquoise waters to Southern Belize.

We will be spending the next 4 nights in Punta Gorda at our host hotel, Coral House.

After a long day of travelling you will be happy to relax, get to know the other attendees and meet the Peini Cacao team over poolside cocktails followed by a relaxing dinner.

Saturday morning, we board a private van and head out to start your farm tour.

So, for many of you, you will see your very first cacao tree and cacao pod!

We will take you to 2 of the farms in our network and we will meet our Peini Farm Manager, who will give you a guided tour and explain the hard work that he and his team have been doing to bring back to life the old trees we inherited when we acquired the farms.

You will receive demonstrations and explanations of our pruning and harvesting practices.

We will also explain the new farming techniques being implemented as we “engineer” these farms by planting new, in-demand varietals in horizontal contours, versus the old method of planting in straight, vertical lines.

On Sunday we will take you to see our 50,000-sapling nursery which we use to plant-out our newly acquired farms and to fill in areas on existing farms where needed.

Next up we will take you to our purpose built, 80 metric tonne annual capacity fermentation and drying depot.

This is where the magic happens!

Our Depot Manager will walk you through this detailed and critical stage in the chocolate making process.

The centralized processing of all our cacao is the key ingredient in being able to produce consistent, high quality chocolate products.

On Monday you will get to spend the whole day in our newly built chocolate making factory.

Here you will see the fermented and dried beans from the day before, as they are roasted, cracked, winnowed, ground and tempered into what you and I know as Chocolate.

You will get to see chocolate being hand tempered as well as how we use our state-of-the-art chocolate making equipment to ensure only the highest quality chocolate goes into our bars and products.

And, you will get to try your hand at it yourself and make your very own chocolate bar!


When you arrive in Punta Gorda, you are our guests. We are happy to provide all breakfast, lunch and evening meals as well as refreshments, evening entertainment and ground transportation during the tour.

There will even be a special afternoon at some ancient Maya ruins!

All you need to do is get yourself to Belize!

Fill out the form below to reserve your seats and feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have.

We are happy to talk to you about the details of the tour, the logistics involved and the cacao parcel ownership opportunity itself.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in Beautiful Belize very soon!