Happy People = Quality Kakaw and Chocolate = Happy Consumers!

Oct 24, 2020Blog

Dear Chocolate friends,

One of the disciplines that we have enshrined into our daily regime across our Vertically Integrated System is “attention to cacao quality”.   

If you are eager to learn Why it is so important to us and to see How it is done by our Team at Mahogany Chocolate, click on the link here to watch our latest video.

Centralized Cacao Fermentation, Drying & Chocolate Factory – Episode 3 of “Choco Con Choco”

The other key element is Love!

The time and energy expended by our team, week-in and week-out, to produce our high-quality chocolate bars, would be nothing short of insanity, if not done with attention, care, love and the quest to produce “the best Belizean chocolate”.

How can we do it? Because we are all Chocoholics and we all love what we do.

Despite the many challenges that are not within our control, we always remain upbeat and happy.

I have no doubt that our constant intake of cacao and chocolate increases the release of the “feel good chemical” (endorphins) that causes us to always feel so happy.

For me and our Team, it is also our dream, our passion and our desire to produce first-world quality chocolate, at Origin in Belize, for the rest of the world to enjoy.

And I do admit getting an extra boost when I come across some rare, great tasting cacao, to which I give our farmers and post-harvest team credit for a wonderful job well done.  

The post harvest process, modern farming practices, the “art of cacao science”, close attention to detail and our Vertically Integrated system, are what makes our dreams possible.

When you add in the ability to improve the lives of many Maya families, from our out-growers to our own farmers, to our “factory oompa loompas”, it keeps us all motivated and aligned with the same goal. To put Belizean chocolate back on the map!

We are all Chocoholics and we all love what we do!

I will leave you with a quote from a dear friend and legend in the chocolate industry, Werner Ruegsegger.

“9 out of 10 people love chocolate, and the 10th is lying”

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